Monday, November 14, 2016

God Loves Punk Rockers?

By: Nathan D. Pietsch

When my wife, Dawn and I were in route to Las Vegas from Oregon, we decided to stop in Reno, Nevada. Neither Dawn nor I had ever been to Reno. Therefore, we thought it would be a fun place to “warm-up” at before evangelizing in Las Vegas.

We found our way to the Reno “Strip.” We began walking around the area prayer marching, and looking for God’s treasures. After awhile, we found ourselves walking behind a group of five punk-rockers. They were probably in their twenties. There were four guys and a girl. They looked hard-core.

They had long, spiked Mohawk hair, tattoos, chains, and piercings. Despite their punk-rock look, we knew there was something special about this group. We could tell they have a high calling on their lives. I knew it would be difficult to talk “Jesus” with them from a theological standpoint. Therefore, I knew I needed direct revelation from the Lord for them. The Holy Spirit gave me a specific word of knowledge for the girl. The Lord had revealed to me she had a lot of hip pain.

I boldly walked up to them and got their attention, “Excuse me, Miss, do you have pain in your hip?”

“Maybe,” she replied, “Why do you ask?”

“I was wondering if I could command healing in your hip.” Often times if a person has hip pain, their hips are out of alignment, resulting in one leg being shorter than the other.

I then turned to the four guys and asked, “Do you guys want to see a miracle?” They all thought I was totally out of my mind. They thought I was making some sort of move to try and steal their wallets.

They threatened to beat me up, pointing out the odds of four guys verses one, if I tried to steal anything from them. I tried to assure them I didn’t care about their money, and asked again, “Do you want to see a miracle?”

Then the girl said, “I would not even be giving you the time of day if my hip didn’t hurt all the time.”
I asked her, “Do you want to be healed of this?”

“Sure,” she replied.

“Can we check your leg length to see if your legs are even?”

I got her to sit down on the ground, and to sit straight with her back against the wall.

Then the guys starting saying, “Ya, I want to see a miracle happen. What are you going to do though, try and convert us to some religion?”

I reassured them I wouldn’t try to convert them to some “religion.” If anything, I wanted to introduce them to their own personal relationship with the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Christianity is far from a religion, it all centers around relationship with God.

One of the guys then pulled out a small video camera and started recording. We checked the girl’s leg length, and sure enough her left leg was a half-inch shorter. I got all of them to confirm that it was indeed shorter. It was pretty obvious to see, and they all agreed her leg was shorter. I told them all, that I was not going to pull on her leg or manipulate her body in anyway.

With the camera running, I commanded her hip to loosen, the pain to go, and her body to come into alignment in the name of Jesus. Sure enough, it did. It freaked them all out. Even the girl admitted she felt her leg loosen and pull. All of us witnessed that her legs went from being a half-inch off, to being totally aligned.

Dawn and I then told them how much Jesus loves them. They shook our hands vehemently, and were filled with awe and amazement. They then gave me one of their business cards. It turned out they are a punk rock band from Philadelphia currently on a US music tour.

It doesn’t matter what a person has or hasn’t done, or where they are spiritually. God wants to encounter everybody with His great love. Dawn and I were so honored to be used by God to love on these very special people, who have a high calling and strong destiny over their lives. The reality is though, their true destinies can only be fulfilled through their relationship with the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.